Betts New Bengal *Teddy*

Have a look at  my new Kitty, his name is Theodore, "Teddy" to his friends. He is a six month old  F3 Bengal. Here is some information about this new breed of gorgeous "wild" cats. I picked Teddy up at the Halifax airport, on September 11th, 2003 , he was flown in from British Columbia from a breeder there. The trip was pretty traumatic for him he arrived with a cold but it's all gone and he is busy hanging off the walls and playing in the bathtub now. He has gained half pound in the two weeks I have had him, he will get to be about 18-20 pounds. In order to be shown he has to be an f4 so he has too much wild blood in him to be shown, but he isn't at all wild in action. He was hand raised so he is the same as any house cat in temperament.

The Bengal is a medium to large domestic feline that originates from crossings of the small Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) to the domestic cat in an attempt to create a companion with an "exotic" look but a domestic temperament. After four to five generations of Bengal-to-Bengal breeding, the breed is recognized for championship competition by most international domestic cat associations including TICA, ACFA, GCCF, and AACE. The Bengal's beautiful coat makes it stand out in a crowd. Numerous shades make up the background color of the Bengal, ranging from golden, rust, brown and orange, to sand, buff, or even ivory. Bengal spots also vary in color, from rust or cocoa and chocolate brown to charcoal or black. Some Bengal patterns have inherited striking rosettes or spots made up of more than one color, usually a secondary color forming a dark outlining to the spot.The energetic Bengal is not for people who just want a leopard print cat for decoration. Whether they are fishing in the aquarium or playing in their water-bowls, fetching balls for their families, taking walks on a leash or climbing to the top of the highest cupboards, Bengals are constantly on the move and are perfect for anyone who wants to interact and play with their cat daily. The Bengal cat, like many other pets, demands a good deal of attention and affection and enjoys being an integral part of the family.





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