Happy Clients

So many nice people have crossed my path in the 13 years I have been in Real Estate. Some are so generous they share their  happiness. We are blessed to have some of the nicest people in the world right here in our own communities.

Please share with me some wonderful memories. Let your hearts sing.



Connie and Pat from New Hampshire happily apply the sold sign on water front bought by their good friend Bill.









Gary, Ethna, Sarah and James of Hampshire, England thoroughly enjoyed the summer in their new house in Advocate as much as the Community loved and welcomed having them . They fit right in as if they had always been there! We can't wait til' next year!





Lila and Angela brought many happy and excited family and friends to a viewing of their recently purchased home, to set the record for "most people at a viewing" (26) in my 13 years in business! They were a lot of fun to watch and be around. Lots of laughter and lots of enthusiasm made me realize how great this job can be!